Server and client 1.4 for Mac available (scheduled recordings)


Now we have included scheduled recordings – either via EPG (if XMLTV is setup in the server) or manual.

Adding scheduled recordings in the EPG display of the client is very comfortable: in the detailed info of a single entry (after selecting an entry), “Add Recording” can be pressed to add the entry to the recordings. Or “Remove Recording” to delete the recording.
If a scheduled recording exits for an EPG entry, then the title is displayed in red color.

Unfortunately the EyeTV scripting bridge (which is used for adding scheduled recordings) has an error: the channel number has the wrong data type. Therefore the channel of a new recording is set before the recording is added – and after adding the new recording, the channel is switched back to the original channel.

Because the EPG data (start and end) of scheduled recordings added in EyeTV directly and the EPG data of the client may be different, a tolerance of 5 minutes is currently used to recognize if a scheduled recording exits. Because of this tolerance, two successive schedules can not be added. Instead the end of the scheduled recording must be manually changed in the recording list to include the second recording – which is a better way to record two successive broadcasts anyway.

For testing purpose, we also added a “Pause” button in the client. Even if we are not too happy with the handling: if play is pressed after the playback has been paused, it takes 15 seconds to continue playback. And this 15 seconds are lost. And if another channel is selected, then the server must restart the live stream segmentation (because otherwise it would take too much time to switch to the new channel stream). But having the pause feature outweighs these minor drawbacks…