Server and client 1.4.2 available


This version seems to be a smaller update but it has some major features which prepares the next big step we already talked about.

  • Power saving of the server
  • Public / external access to the server

Power saving:
If no client has been launched for 15 minutes, then the server stops the VLC process (live stream segmenting) and closes the EyeTV live window.
This is very important (for power saving and lifetime of the hard disk) if the server is setup to auto-start and is running “all the time”.
If a client is launched then the server will re-start everything (opens the EyeTV live window and starts VLC for live stream segmenting) – and because this takes some seconds, the client will show the status “live stream stopped” and will start the playback as soon as streaming is available.

Public / external access to the server:
In previous versions, a TCP/IP address could already be entered in the client’s preferences, but now IPv4 as well as IPv6 are supported.
And we added a web page to give some instructions how to setup and use a client to access the server from outside the local WiFi.