MediaCenter: DLNA availability


Erik informed us about a problem in the media center: if multiple DLNA devices are present, then only the first DLNA device appears in the media center - and this device must not be a DLNA media server, so that although DLNA appears in the media center, there is no media accessible.

Through several trials and protocols, that were issued for test purposes and Erik sent us back, we were able to solve the problem finally.

Especially helpful were there 2 existing DLNA media server (Fritz!Box NAS and DS214play), whereat the Fritz!Box NAS has been disabled for test purposes. In this case, the Fritz!Box NAS still reported itself as a DLNA media server even though it is no media available - and thus DS214play was then not available.
Another problem was DS214play that reports itself twice as device - and only the second device is a DLNA media server.

We have now solved the problems by showing only the first DLNA media server that really provides media. A modified version can be downloaded from the download page.

Many thanks go to Erik, who had the patience to test several attempts and different combinations!

And then there is also bad news for the AppStore customers: nessMediaCenter 1.6.1 was rejected on 27.1. by Apple. Due to a bug in XCode we had to upload unfortunately a corrected version as 1.6.2 on 28.1. - and apparently it takes again a week until Apple will review the new version. And the improved DLNA availability will not be included in this AppStore version.

Keywords: DLNA, DS214play, Fritz!Box, MediaCenter, Media Server, UPnP