nessViewer App 1.8 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch available


Suitable for the new iOS 7 look, nessViewer App is now displayed in a lighter design with flat buttons. This appearance can be disabled / enabled in the "Settings App" at the nessViewer tab.

iOS 7 has a bug which displays fullscreen videos always in portrait mode if added to a landscape view. This behavior is "circumnavigated"by displaying the video player not in fullscreen which has another advantage: if multiple videos are presented continuously then a next / previous button is now available.
By (double) touching, the video controllers can be changed to hidden / visible.

Caused by a bug, YouTube videos were not available with iOS 7 in nessViewer App - this bug has been fixed.

For (free of charge) registered users (available at the download page), we also added support for more providers and content.

We placed a donate button at the bottom of our iOS web page and would be pleased for some donations - nessViewer App is free of charge and without iAds. Please support this offer.

Keywords: donate, fullscreen, iOS 7, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, video, YouTube