nessViewer App 1.6.5 pre-release for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch


The last weeks we did so much work e.g. to offer movie streaming, that we had no time for testing the user interface enough.

The following errors has been found by us and other users:
1.) FTP button at top left
Touching this button without a local WiFi connection did show nothing - just because the FTP server is not available then and this was the only functionality. Of course at least a message would have been nice. Now there is always something shown because we added "Open FTP client" (which will show "Open URL" with "ftp://" as text).
2.) Provider icons at main view (on 2. main view for iPhone/iPod touch)
If the MediaCenter was opened by an provider icon and "arrow up" was pressed multiple time, then on iPad the view for the iPhone was shown - which is too small and looks "funny".
3.) Media Shows
On iPad after changing a media show and touching "Close", only the "Save" button (and not the "Dismiss" aka "Do not save" button) was visible.
4.) Movie Presentation
If presenting a movie failed, then the failure message was not shown long enough with iOS 5. The reason was, that iOS 5 calls the "movie playback finished" message twice - and even worse the first time with no failure message. In this case the code is now analysing whether the movie was loaded at all - and if not ignores the first message. This way the failure message is shown as expected.
5.) Live Broadcast (MediaCenter -> Internet)
The English provider file had an error and because of this the country list was only shown after another touch of ">" or another double-touch. (Unfortunately now the Italian TV channels will be shown instead of the country list.)
And at live broadcast ">>" was enabled (which presents all entries starting at the current enty) which does not really make sense.

We are continuing to test the GUI... if you find (other) errors please let us know.

If your device is registered, please open the nessViewer App web page and touch one of the links at the bottom right to install this pre-release.

Keywords: iPad, iPhone, iPod