nessViewer App 1.4 available (iPad & Spiegel Online)


With iOS 4.2 nessViewer App is now also available for iPad. With the big screen it is even more fun to watch movie trailers or movies and news from e.g. Spiegel Online.
Certainly we have to improve the main menu - here we are currently working on a solution with icons.

As a new provider we have added Spiegel Online, a leading portal for German and worldwide news and reportages.

Media shows (playlists) can now be send by email or email attachments opened in nessViewer App or nessViewer for Mac. Thereby links to videos from e.g. DailyMotion or YouTube can be arranged and send to friends - there is no easier way to share video playlists with others!

In this context it might suggest again that we offer plenty of media shows with (among others) cartoons, movies or music in our download area for registered users. Entertainment lasting for hours - without even searching the internet.
Of course we will keep your registration data in confidence.

Keywords: DailyMotion, Internet, iOS 4.2, iPad, Media Show, Spiegel Online, YouTube