nessViewer App & movie processing


After the movie processing with “AV Foundation” on Mac, we now worked on the movie processing for iOS.

The “Photos App” offers movie processing too, but beside trimming of videos you can save only the selection as new clip.
So if you want to delete several parts from a video, then this is impossible – you must save many new clips. For example, instead of deleting 2 parts in one video, you must save 3 clips.

The movie processing in nessViewer App for iOS therefore also offers “delete” beside “trim”. In addition, the video can be rotated (left / right), which increments the rotation each time by 90 degrees.

If you select “Open File” and open a movie, then the movie playback is not displayed anymore (as at “Present File”) – now the movie processing is displayed instead (such as if you open a picture, the picture processing).

By the way: “Open File” also offers the import of pictures and movies from the “Photos App”, and (after processing) the media can be added to the “Photos App”.

A trial version can be downloaded now for registered devices. We will continue to test and wait for feedback from some users.

Keywords: clip, delete, edit, editing, iOS, movie, nessViewer, Photos App, processing, rotate, trim, video