nessViewer App for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch & crash


Thanks to Gandhi and Ulf who informed us about a heavy problem in the "nessViewer app" for iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch): with some iOS devices - as far as we were able to test iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 - "nessViewer app" crashed on iOS 8.x as soon as the URL dialog was used. And this dialogue is very much used ...

Amazingly, it concerned only (as far as we know so far) these iOS devices - with iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad 2, for example, there were also under iOS 8.2 no problems or crashes. What we find very puzzling - and what made testing & debugging rather difficult.

Since the problem was neither understandable nor could be achieved with the beta testers (and their iOS devices) in the short term, we have now bought an iPhone 6 and were able to solve the problem. While still not really understandable - but if a code or a solution does not work on all devices, then we just have to develop a different approach.

Playing around with the iPhone 6, we also have found a few other small discrepancies - eg the status bar was not always shown so far, when the iOS device has been moved from portrait mode to landscape mode.

But apart from that, it makes really fun to play around with the iPhone 6. After we have changed in the "Settings App" at nessViewer the background to dark (by simply deactivating "Light"), the iPhone 6 looks even cooler. Not to mention the incredible number of features and available media...

Tomorrow we will upload the corrected version 1.9.2 and hope that Apple will releases this version soon. Where it might take a little bit longer - at the moment, Apple seems to have a lot of problems with their servers and services.

All beta testers aka registered iOS devices can download the modified nessViewer app ad hoc version 1.9.1 from the download page.

Keywords: crash, iOS, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, nessViewer