nessViewer App 1.9 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch available


In this version the interface has been correctly adapted for iOS 5 to iOS 8. The status bar is now visible with iOS 7 + 8, and the views will be displayed at the correct position with iOS 5 + 6.
Many thanks to Bernd and Gandhi for the loan of older iOS devices to test these adjustments.

In addition, for example, the "Action menu" in "Open Files" has been adapted to iOS 8, so now images and movies can be imported from the "Photos App" or exported to this app again.
Together with the FTP server and client function can thus eg media from this app - after the import - transferred between iOS devices or computers within a wireless network without having to use iCloud.

Brand new is the functionally to present photos and movies unsorted: "Random Playback" must be activated in the "Settings App" at nessViewer, and then local media or internet media can be presented random / unsorted by using "Present Media" or the media center. Which of course makes especially a lot of fun if you have registered previously and thereby have access to many internet music videos and other stuff.

The access to various provider videos has also been adjusted.

This version is no longer free of charge, but costs 3.99 Dollar.

Keywords: client, FTP, import, Internet, iOS adaption, Photos App, pictures, Playback, random, Server, videos