nessMediaCenter 1.5.3 & nessViewer 3.5.3 for Mac available


As previously reported, there are now new features at the media presentation: random & endless media playback and sorting by name & path.
These new features are available in the presentation menu in the menu bar that appears if you move the (invisible) cursor up to the top.

Thereby, we noticed that the switch between video and picture display was not always "very clean": with slower computers the picture was sometimes shortly partial visible when changing from picture to video, with faster computers the last picture was sometimes shortly visible when changing from video to picture.

Also, we have - thanks to the hint by Jochen - re-implemented features that were not taken up in the redesign of the media center classes: the quick change of internet content pages and Miro video podcast pages by keyboard commands (Cmd-Alt-Arrow key).

As far as possible, only ScriptingBridge is now used to control EyeTV, iTunes and VLC. A few commands for communication between nessMediaCenter or nessViewer and these programs still use AppleScript because either Scripting Bridge offers no solution or simply is too slow. What has surprised us - most of the times Scripting Bridge is rather faster.

The support of multiple displays has been improved, too: if a media presentation was started on the second screen and something else has been done on the first sceen, then the menu bar was sometimes visible on the second screen after returning to the media center.

Unfortunately we found some bugs caused by the redesign of the media center classes which have been fixed now.

Keywords: display, endless, EyeTV, iTunes, Playback, random, screen, ScriptingBridge, VLC