nessMediaCenter 1.3.7 & nessViewer 3.3.4 for Mac available


After testing our application with Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), we found only one problem: Apple changed the video format description of protected movies (iTunes DRM). Thus movies selected in the MediaCenter were not presented in iTunes. This problem is now fixed.

The AppleScript command to detect the fullscreen mode of iTunes and to switch to fullscreen is not working anymore. After selecting a protected movie in the media center, iTunes shows a grey screen for a short time and then cancels the playback.
So we added a new Apple remote control command to remote control iTunes: "PLAY hold" switches between  fullscreen and window playback. If the fullscreen playback fails, then the playback can be started again via "PLAY" and then "PLAY hold" will switch to fullscreen.

With iOS 7AirPlay of the media server will not be displayed anymore - Apple do not like the idea that other applications offer AirPlay. We are working on this problem...

Keywords: AirPlay, DRM, iTunes, MediaCenter, Media Server, movie