nessMediaCenter 1.3.2 and nessViewer 3.2.2 for Mac available


Apple announced the new iTunes as the world's best way to play media. As far as our test Macs show, it starts protected DRM media now even slower if started from another application like our media center.
But now we found hopefully a final (?) solution to start these media always successfully. Sometimes the grey screen is still visible and the media is played only for a short time, but now after a short delay the media will be played always!

As already posted, YouTube now offers even German cinema movies. Unfortunately movie categories are (as side effect?) not available any more. Luckily we have the movie database with the YouTube movies (and others) in categories.

Last but not least: we improved the GUI (Graphical User Interface) a little bit: the selection and the icons / previews are shown with a small shadow.

Keywords: DRM, GUI, Internet TV, iTunes, media center, Media Presentation, YouTube