nessViewer 3.0 for Mac available


The last weeks many people have sent us feedback to nessMediaCenter and nessViewer - we are impressed about the quality of the suggestions and reports.

Dietmar asked for the option to shutdown the computer via MediaCenter - after selecting the checkbox in the preferences (Center) once and then selecting exit at the MediaCenter, a countdown will be shown and the computer will be shut down after 60 seconds.
By pressing the ESC key or holding MENU on the Apple remote control, the MediaCenter can be closed as before without shuting down the computer.

Thomas (and some others) criticized the handling of alias files. We improved the MediaCenter: aliases to files will now be correctly handled (if the extension is correct). And a hint will be shown if aliases to folders / volumes has been found (but not displayed) which points to the script "Create Symbolic Link". We improved this script, so creating many symbolic links is now much easier.
Nevertheless: symbolic links are a much better solution than aliases. Unintelligible how Apple handles the creation of aliases by changing e.g. the extension "MOV" to "MOV Alias". Either the extension does matter or not...

Many users ask for the feature to mark unplayed movies and to resume to the last play position - a very good idea, but only as an option (and not for all movies). We came to the agreement, that these two features will (only) be offered if the movies are stored in iTunes and iTunes is running. This way everybody can decide on his own whether to use it or not - and we do not have to reinvent the wheel.

Among a lot of other improvements (see News) one last point: the media server offered already the feature to convert movies for iOS or not - but unfortunately "not" was ignored. Shame on us. :-) We fixed that now - so movies can now be easily & comfortable transferred from one to another Mac by a FTP client like Cyberduck.

Keywords: iTunes, last play position, mark unplayed movies, MediaCenter, Media Presentation, Media Server