nessViewer 2.9.7 for Mac available (AirPlay server)


The highlight of this version is AirPlay: presentation of pictures and videos from device (e.g. iPhone) to Mac. That means that both directions are now supported by the media server. (AirPlay is the technology to stream media from device to AppleTV.)
Of course media can be streamed to the media server with every app which supports AirPlay - but with nessViewer App 1.6.6 (available in about one week) e.g. even PDF documents are supported.

But we also improved all other nessViewer components: MediaCenter, media server, media shows, PDF display and web browser.

To name just 2 things: at Google search in the browser, each opened search entries will be called directly (instead of Google redirection). And (among others) YouTube videos can now be automatically presented in lower quality if the internet connection is slow (if "Prefer high movie resolution" at the preferences is unchecked).

Keywords: AirPlay, MediaCenter, Media Presentation, Media Server, Web browser, YouTube