nessViewer 2.9.6 for Mac and nessViewer App 1.6.5 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch available: streaming of DVDs


With these two versions the streaming of media from Mac e.g. to iPad is very well done: no matter what kind of movies / videos (e.g. DVDs, EyeTV movies, AVI / DivX / MOV) we want to stream & watch - with nessViewer no problem. And now this is even possible via Cellular (3G) connection.

Videos of the "Videos App" can now be presented with nessViewer App - just one touch to watch a video or to watch all videos continiously.
Photos of the "Photos App" and videos of the "Videos App" can now be mixed in a media show via MediaCenter and then presented continiously.

Of course internet videos can also be added to such a media show -  enjoy media however, wherever, whenever!

Keywords: DVD, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, MediaCenter, Media Server, Streaming, video, Videos App