nessViewer media server & EyeTV movie streaming


After even complete cinema movies can be streamed by the media server so perfectly, we are now integrating the streaming of EyeTV movies.

This was a little bit confusing us with the EyeTV solution: it is possible to watch the EyeTV channels of the Mac e.g. on the iPad, but the EyeTV archive is always empty - unless the automatic conversion of all movies is activated and the corresponding movie is already converted. Which means that all movies will exist twice (volume capacity) and the computer is permanently converting (frequent high CPU usage)... and all this just for the case to watch one of the movies.

With the pre-release of nessViewer 2.9.5 and nessViewer App 1.6.4 it is now possible to stream EyeTV movies e.g. to the iPad: as before the movies will be converted & segmented "on the fly" and then streamed. After finishing the streaming (or rather when starting another movie) the old stream data will be removed.

Keywords: EyeTV movies, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Media Server