nessViewer App 1.6.3 pre-release for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch (EXIF, Geo data)


nessViewer App 1.6.2 is not available in the "App Store" yet even if it was transmitted on Sunday - but there is already a new version 1.6.3. Of course it might be annoying to update an app so regulary but we think the new features are very nice. Anyway - if your device is registered you can install the new version.

To come to the point: a user informed us that the EXIF data (and therefore the geo data) is not saved if pictures are imported from the "Photos App". These infos are only available for pictures taken by the e.g. iPhone camera (because Apple is removing all EXIF data if tranfering pictures by iPhoto), but nevertheless..

We extended nessViewer App now:
1.) In the "Settings" the account name of can be set. The registration is free of charge.
2.) In the MediaCenter the geo location (country / town) of pictures will be shown at "Photos" and "Media Files (Local)".
3.) Pictures imported from the "Photos App" will contain the EXIF / GEO data.

The last point was really a little bit of work because (once again) Apple is suppressing these infos.

By the way: we also adapted the presentation of YouTube movies because most of the movies are only available for people who are older than 16 years. To watch the movies, one must register at YouTube and login - but this is against the idea of nessViewer, to give Google statistics as less data as possible.

Keywords: EXIF, geo, geonames, Photos App, picture import, YouTube