nessViewer 2.8.4 available (GPS support)


On user request GPS is now supported for pictures: if a picture contains GPS data, then the geo location (country and city) will be shown - both at the picture info and the MediaCenter. At the MediaCenter further EXIF data like the description will be shown also.

Thru a computer magazine we got the hint that Flash plugins store several informations like visited pages at the user preference folder. To increase data security and anonymity, "Remove Flash plugin informations on quitting" was added to the nessViewer preferences (s. media preferences).

In the past the installation of the QuickTime extension "DivX" was recommended - meanwhile the free DivX extension does not allow to edit DivX movies. Because Perian also supports DivX movies including the editing, we suggest to uninstall the DivX extension.
For uninstallation the application "Uninstall DivX for Mac" is available which commenly can be found at the application folder. After the uninstallation the Mac should be restarted and then checked if no DivX files can be found at "/Library/QuickTime" anymore.

FreeMoviesCinema has changed its domain ( instead of - the integrated browser and the MediaCenter was adapted therefor.

Keywords: DivX, Flash, FreeMoviesCinema, GPS, MediaCenter