nessViewer App 1.2.1 for iPhone/iPod touch


After longer diskussions with Apple the nessViewer App is now available in the App Store.
We would like to thank explicit the several Apple employees/teams at this point!

The main focus of nessViewer App are the various internet video offers and the media shows (playlists).

The internet video offer contains momentary videos from DailyMotion, German television (podcasts), movie trailers (en/de), cinema movies from Free Movies Cinema, music videos from LastFM and videos from YouTube.
These videos can not only be presented but also collected in media shows, which can be saved and presented again later.

Via "Open URL" a web browser can be opened for the supported internet providers which allows to browse safely, play the videos and collect them in media shows.

The supported media (media shows, Office documents like Word or Excel, PDF documents, pictures, videos) can be transfered to the iPhone/iPod touch via iTunes.

For registered users we offer further internet video providers.

Keywords: DailyMotion, iPhone, iPod, Media Show, movie, Presentation, YouTube