nessViewer 2.4.1 available (movie info export)


The movie infos can now be exported as HTML, RSS feed or XML.
After opening the movie info and selecting a movie, the movies in the folder of the selected movie will be shown in the drawer. Afterwards the infos of these movies can be exported.

The access of DailyMotion, LastFM and YouTube has been adapted, whereas YouTube will now be shown by Flash which is faster than the original QuickTime access.
And DVD presentations can now be zoomed by the remote control via "play hold" to hide e.g. the margins.

On user requests the previews/covers in the MediaCenter has been reduced to show more lines of the descriptions; the descriptions will now be scrolled by pixel instead of lines; "folder picture" and "folder movie" will be shown instead of the path.

Our trial to add nessViewer to Wiki has been failed - no relevance, no external perception! What a pity! Anyway: once again thanks to all the people of Wiki for their help!

Keywords: cover, DVD, MediaCenter, movie, Wiki