nessMediaCenter on Apple TV?


At the end of October, the new Apple TV (4th generation) will be released according to Apple – and for the first time Apps (applications) can then be installed from the AppStore.

Therefore an adaption or new development of nessMediaCenter for tvOS, the new operating system of Apple TV, would be obvious.

This would make it possible to access media via the media server of nessViewer to stream local DVDs and movies to the Apple TV without prior manual conversion.
Another possibility is the integration of DLNA to access other DLNA media server (DS214play, Fritz! Box NAS, Plex, PS3, Serviio, Twonky, TVMobili, XBMC).

As soon as the new XCode (the development environment) will be released by Apple, we will test the new options.

Keywords: Apple, DLNA, DVD, media, media center, MediaCenter, Media Server, movie, TV, tvOS