nessViewer App 2.1.2 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch available


After some difficulties, version 2.1.2 of nessViewer App is finally available in the AppStore which is displayed in the AppStore as version 2.1.

As previously reported, a QRCode scanner can now be activated at “Open URL” and “Present URL” which displays after activation a camera view and sets the (by the QRCode) recognized character string in the URL field.

In addition, we have improved the import of media from other apps: e.g. a picture or video can be imported in nessViewer App as before, but so far it was not directly visible for the user where the file is stored. Now the inbox folder will be shown in the file view (Open File) if you import a file so that the storage location is visible after closing the imported file.

The iPad interface has been adapted to the iPhone interface – in the start screen, the buttons of the main features are therefore now shown large on the iPad. The image buttons for the direct access of internet offers, however, were removed.

A few internet providers have also been adopted, among others Dailymotion.

Fortunately an iPhone 3 GS with iOS 4.3 was made available to us, so that we could not only eliminate various compatibility problems in the AppStore version (which implies at least iOS 5.1), but also can offer again a download for iOS 4.3 or newer for registered devices. Among others the status bar is now displayed correctly even with old versions of iOS and a bug in the file view (“Open File” and “Present File”) is also eliminated.

According to statistics, iOS 6 or earlier is indeed only used in about 3% of all iOS devices, but at about 200 million devices sold these are still many. And even if it takes time and effort to use the latest iOS features in an app and still be downward compatible, compatibility is important to us as well as in our Mac applications!

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