nessViewer App 2.2 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch available


As previously reported we had extended the media server to display combined previews for folders and metadata (movie info, cover) for movies when accessing the media server in nessMediaCenter for Apple TV. These enhancements are now also used in nessViewer App when opening “Media Files (Server)” in the MediaCenter.

Also by working on nessMediaCenter for Apple TV, the access to DLNA media server has been developed – and iOS and tvOS are so very similar in development. Unfortunately, there are significant differences in terms of playback options: whereas tvOS has no problems to play long movies (motion pictures), this is not possible with iOS. In this respect, the access to DLNA media server should be used only for pictures and short videos. For longer movies, the nessViewer media server should be used, because it segments long movies into short parts (m3u8)
which can be played immediately in nessViewer App.

In addition, some providers were also adjusted, including SpiegelOnline.

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