nessViewer App

nessViewer About

nessViewer App for iPad & iPhone

Multimedia viewer and presenter for local and intranet media.

Local files

nessViewer App local files
Cut, rotate movies. Rotate pictures. Create folder. Transfer media to and from the Photos App or Mac (via file sharing). View media.

FTP server & client

nessViewer App FTP server & client
Transfer media between 2 iOS devices with FTP server and client. Or via nessViewer media server with the Mac, with automatic conversion if necessary.


nessViewer MediaCenter
Central access to all media: DLNA, media server, Photos App, local media. Add media to a Media Show.

Medien presentation

nessViewer Media Presentation
Individually, continuously or randomly presentation. Increase movie playback speed (up to 8x) or decrease (up to 4x).
nessViewer App is available in the Apple App Store.

nessViewer App is distributed by  FINESS Software UG.