nessViewer Media Show

Media Show: playlist with additional benefit

Arrange, save and present media playlists.
Import media from other applications.
Convert media in one step.

Media Show Arrangement

  • by opening or adding via menu functions
  • by drag & drop
  • by import of media
  • by adding during a media presentation

Media Show Features

  • Rename the displayed name (title)
  • Sort media by name, path, date or manually
  • Show/hide drawer (single view/contact sheet)
  • Convert media in one step
  • Optionally delete media from folders
  • Combine multiple movies into a new movie
  • Save media shows
  • Present media individually or together

Media Show Map

nessViewer Media Show Map
  • Display of all GPS positions
  • Media selection by clicking on a position

Media Show Import

nessViewer Media Show Import
  • Import from different applications

Media Show Export

nessViewer Media Show Export
  • Convert multiple media in one step
  • Definition of the picture format and size
  • Definition of the movie formats
All features can be tried out with the demo version before purchase.

nessViewer is distributed by  FINESS Software UG.