nessMediaCenter 1.7 & nessViewer 3.7 for Mac available


Access to media of the new "Photos App" by the media center is the most important innovation in these versions. In the preferences can be specified which data is made available (albums, moments, collections, media types), which possibly reduces loading time. In early February, we had begun to implement this feature, as the "Photos App" according to Apple will replace the applications Aperture and iPhoto. Those who participate in the Apple beta program for Mac OS X, can install 10.10.3 - this version is required for the "Photos App" and access by the media center.

Another new feature in nessViewer is the display of a map with the GPS position of the captured image and the images in a media show. In the media show map, each image can be displayed in the media show by clicking on the marker. The MediaCenter displays the GPS location (country, city, street) now more accurately (if these data are available) and in the media presentation the GPS position of a picture is now displayed in the bottom center.

In addition, the handling of the DLNA availability has been improved to access DS214play and a presentation can now be started from the selected entry in the MediaCenter.

The media server can now be started automatically when nessViewer is started, so that the shutdown or start of the computer can be setup by the "Energy Saver" (schedule) and the media server is always available after the computer start. Or you can use, for example, VPN to restart the computer...

In the 64-bit versions, we noticed that some images with orientation data (EXIF) were not displayed correctly what we have hereby fixed.

Once Yosemite 10.3 is officially released, we will upload nessMediaCenter to the AppStore - unfortunately it will then still take (at least) about 1 week until the AppStore version will be available. We would like to upload the new version now, which unfortunately is not allowed.

nessViewer media show with a map of the GPS locations

Keywords: GPS, Mac OS X 10.10.3, map, MediaCenter, Media Presentation, Media Server, Photos, Photos App, Yosemite