Server & archive movie segmentation


VLC is started by nessEyeTV Server as a batch to segment the EyeTV live stream and archive movies and then these segments are send to the clients by the server.

The live stream segments VLC reliably – but with the archive movies there are sometimes problems. Especially if advertising was cut out in an archive movie.
At the cut surfaces, VLC produces unexpectedly large segments and latest at the 2nd surface, the sound is no longer synchronous.

We have therefore spend some time to segment archive movies with FFmpeg – and fortunately FFmpeg works reliably even if cut surfaces exist.
Some additional code in the server was necessary because FFmpeg generates incomplete playlists (M3U8) – the necessary server address does not exist in a playlist.

In addition, FFmpeg could not segment at least one archive movie – in this case, the movie is then segmented by VLC.

nessEyeTV Server version 1.1.3 uses now FFmpeg primarily for archive movies, if it is installed in the Utilities folder.
The current FFmpeg version for Mac can be downloaded as “Static Build” – select the Apple symbol to jump to the Mac version if it is not shown – and must be copied into the Utilities folder.