Server and client 1.2 for Mac available (EPG support)


Now we have included EPG which was not so easy because EyeTV does not give access to its EPG data.

If the EyeTV live channels do not provide EPG, then XMLTV can be used to add EPG data to EyeTV – and this is the solution we are using now as well. The only problem with XMLTV: it is a little bit difficult to find a free & matching XMLTV file.

The steps to include EPG in nessEyeTV:

  • download a matching XMLTV file with channel and program infos
  • rename the XMLTV file to “nessEyeTV XMLTV.xml” and put it in a folder of your choice
  • select “EPG Channel List” in the File menu of the server, select the folder with the XMLTV file and confirm.
  • assign the XMLTV channel names to the EyeTV channel names
  • close the “EPG Channel List” window

Important: “nessEyeTV XMLTV.xml” must be replaced with “finessTV XMLTV.xml” with version 1.3 or newer.

Now you will find a file named “nessEyeTV XMLTV.txt” in the folder of your choice – and this is difference to EyeTV: the EyeTV channels must not be renamed to find the XMLTV channels and their program infos. The assignments are saved in this text file.

Another new feature in the server is the client list which shows all clients and – if a client is watching an archive file – the name of this file.

On client side, this EPG data is used in the live channel list and after clicking “EPG”.

For each EPG entry, detailed infos (with a description if available) can be viewed by clicking on an EPG entry.
And if a channel in the EPG window is selected, then the EPG window will be closed and the channel switched.

The iPad & iPhone client is adapted as well and will soon be available. Next step will be the AppleTV client…