Stand-Alone 1.4 for Mac available in App Store


Jan wrote to us – first with the question how to delete old channels from the list. And with the suggestion of being able to jump to a specific channel using a number.
He also saved a M3U playlist locally, changed it and then specified this local playlist in the settings. We developed this unofficial function to be able to test playlists that were sent to us – so the sandbox version of the App Store did not have the appropriate access rights to this local file.
He also found a bug: “When I minimize the TV window into the dock and maximize it again, it somehow loses contact to the channel window and the channels can’t be changed anymore.”.

We included this feedback in version 1.4:
- M3U playlist URL in the preferences can reference a local file in the user’s movies folder (e.g. ~/Movies/HD.m3u)
- Invalid channels (without a streaming URL) can be removed via File menu
- The first 9 channels can be selected by their number
- Bug fix after minimizing and then maximizing the TV Window