Server and client 1.5 for Mac available (connecting & sharing)


As promised some time ago, finessTV 1.5 now supports “Connecting & Sharing“.

This new feature does not only allow it to connect easy and private to the server from outside the local WiFi by the connection key, but also friends can be invited to share television and archived movies with them.

After setup of router port forwarding and start of the server, you can now register to get a connection key.

With this connection key you can
- let the server update the TCP/IP address of the router
- connect the client with the server from outside the local WiFi
- log in to invite friends.

After an invitation, the friend receives an email with an additional connection key, which must be confirmed by a link.
Afterwards, the invited friend can also access the server.

Access rights for the friend can be set during the invitation: access to switch the current channel, access to archived movies, access to add scheduled recordings.

It is not only that the access to TV live streams (of provider websites) are more and more prevented by a GeoIP check, if one is not staying in the country – unfortunately, there are also more and more countries that suppress access to free informations.
We therefore hope that this new feature will be used to offer friends “worldwide” television with free information.

But of cause, the protection of data privacy is another reason to offer this feature – as with all our products.