Server and client 1.3 available


nessEyeTV has been renamed to finessTV.

We used this “relaunch” for some improvements as well – the internal communication between server and client has been changed:

  • If new live stream data is not available after a channel switch (because EyeTV kills the “VLC EyeTV Plugin”), then the server / client connection is not removed – instead the client shows the message “live stream stopped” and (as soon as VLC has new live stream data) the live playback is restarted.
  • Selecting an archive movie does not start to play the live stream and waits for available data – instead the server sends a message if the archive stream is available.

Both improvements are a preparation of a very fantastic feature we are planning: sharing your EyeTV connection with friends.
This will include inviting friends and – after a confirmation of both sides – giving access to the current live television stream, switching of channels and access to the archive. Of course access to all these single features can be configured by you.

And – and this is a very important feature for us because we take care for anonymity – the access to the live stream or archived movies will be a direct communication (and we will get no informations what or when or how long you or your friends use these features). But we will talk about this as soon as we developed this steps – which will take some time…

So: if you did not already send us a mail to test the AppleTV, iPad, iPhone, iPod or Mac versions – now it is a very good time to start joining us!

Enjoy media – wherever & whenever!