Server 1.4.3 available (improved EPG support)


So far, finessTV has only supported EPG via XMLTV – but some broadcast systems (in Germany for example DVB-T2) are transmitting EPG with the TV program. And this makes XMLTV technically unnecessary. Starting with this version, EPG of TV service providers is now supported.

Note: EyeTV does not support the access to the EPG data available in EyeTV, so this data can unfortunately not be used.

If TV providers offer EPG, then this data is automatically collected during the live stream (after the server has been started and the client is connected) – the server then displays the status “Parsing EPG”.

At the beginning you should select the most important channels in the client one after the other and wait a bit. After 30 seconds, the server will start parsing the EPG of the currently selected channel. As soon as the server no longer displays the message “Parsing EPG”, you can then select the next channel.

As soon as EPG data is collected for 1-2 channels (for DVB-T2, for example, ARD / Das Erste and ZDF), you might stop the server once and select “EPG Channel List” in the File menu. The EyeTV channels are displayed on the left and the EPG providers already collected can be assigned to the respective EyeTV channels on the right.

After restarting the server and connection of the client, the assigned EPG data is displayed in the channel list and in the EPG window of the client.

For the assigned EyeTV channels, the EPG data will be automatically updated from there on – if EPG data is missing for a TV channel, it can be updated by selecting the channel in the client.

By the way: XMLTV offers in our opinion much better EPG data – with e.g. DVB-T2 there is unfortunately no (intelligent) separation between titles, subtitles and text from the providers. And also the time for the end of a broadcast is missing (and is calculated by the finessTV Server).
Geniatech (or Elgato) must have really invested a great deal of work in order to figure out this data so well.