PowerPC (PPC) & Tiger support


In March we extended nessMediaCenter and nessViewer to wake up the computer by remote control - as reported this extension cost us some effort.
As now unfortunately shown, this system routine caused a computer crash on some PowerPC (PPC) computers, which makes then a computer restart necessary.
We therefore disabled the wake on this (very old) computers, and we apologize for this heavy error.

In addition, a test with one of these old computer has shown that the display duration (presentation duration) of images is not always optimal: sometimes it takes so much time to load a large image that the next image is shown immediately afterwards. We fixed this now too.

Only a small number of these old PowerPC computers will probably still be used, but we want to support these computers anyway as long as possible. However, we must also emphasize that we rarely have the opportunity to test it.

Keywords: 10.4., duration, Media Presentation, PowerPC, PPC; wakeup, Tiger