nessMediaCenter (64 bit) 1.8 for Mac available


As reported, it needed various bug reports to Apple and updates of macOS 10.14 to finally offer a new version of nessMediaCenter.

With this version, 2 old braids are cut off:

  1. The 32 bit version is no longer maintained (and this update is only available for the 64 bit version).
  2. The internet offer will also not be maintained anymore and probably removed in the future.

Version 1.8 finally supports the dark appearance of macOS 10.14.

In addition, the server address of the DLNA media server can now optionally be specified in the preferences and there at “Media Server” – even a part of the server address is sufficient. If the server address of the DLNA media server is e.g., then it is enough to enter “:324”.

Previously, access to the media server of nessViewer was only possible through nessViewer App on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or nessMediaCenter App on AppleTV or nessViewer.
From now on, the media server can also be accessed on another Mac with nessMediaCenter.
For this purpose, the name and password for the access must be entered in the preferences by “Media Server”. Optionally the external address (or domain) and the port can be specified – otherwise the media server will be found automatically by Bonjour.

Keywords: 64 bit, MediaCenter, Media Server, nessMediaCenter, nessViewer