nessViewer App 1.6 for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch available


At length the new version of nessViewer App is available now.

We added a lot of new features:
1.) Create folders and move files to these folders
2.) Add pictures and movies to the "Photo App"
3.) Editable media show entries
4.) Compatibility of media show previews between Mac and iOS
5.) FTP server & client
6.) Live broadcasting and access to local media at the MediaCenter

Especially the FTP server & client is the beef: beside the transfer of media between two devices or the Mac, it is now also also possible to stream media from the Mac to e.g. to the iPad.

This means that - instead of transfering e.g. a large movie to the iPad - the movie can be presented just in time by transfering only small segments time by time.

We also added a help - available at "Open File".

Keywords: FTP, iPad, iPhone, iPod, live broadcasting, MediaCenter, Media Server