nessViewer 2.9.2 for Mac and nessViewer App 1.6.1 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch available


At "Open Files" pictures and videos can be imported from the "Photos App" and files can be renamed.
After the import the files can be found at the "Import" folder - and e.g. can be transfered to other devices via FTP.

At the MediaCenter the media hosted by the media server can now be accessed via the local WiFi.
Please notice that videos can only be presented if the necessary tools are installed (see older posts).

nessViewer 2.9.2 was extended to publish the media server (Bonjour) and to host the previews.

Now the FTP access via 3G is also possible - many thanks to Erik for his iPhone and his time!

We also adapted several providers.

Keywords: FTP, iPad, iPhone, iPod, MediaCenter, Media Server