nessMediaCenter 1.0.2 for Apple TV available


Only 2 days after the first version, a new version of nessMediaCenter for Apple TV is now available after we had unfortunately found a few bugs.

When accessing the nessViewer media server, opening a folder did not always display the new content even if the new folder path was displayed in the header. Subsequent requests then tried to access folders from a wrong path, which failed as well. We have changed the code now so that the new folder path in the header (and internal) is set after the successful loading of the new folder content.

In addition, sometimes the movie playback in the movie presentation did not stop after pressing MENU on the Siri remote control. Although thereafter, the media center was displayed, but the movie internally continued to play and the conversion by VLC continued as well. Subsequent conversions of movies failed in this case. Now the movie playback is finished correctly.

In the settings, the password field (to access the nessViewer media server) displays now points instead of the password.

A modified nessViewer version can also be downloaded from the download web page, which handles the access and the conversion for nessMediaCenter app now in a better way.

We apologize for above-mentioned bugs and will continue to test intensively…

Keywords: Apple, AppStore, MediaCenter, TV, tvOS