nessMediaCenter & nessViewer pre-release: improved iTunes Control


After the music playback of shared iTunes libraries, we now have improved the iTunes Control, among other things for larger iTunes libraries.

1.) After selecting iTunes from the media center main menu, a loading indicator (spinner) is displayed during loading and analyzing the iTunes library.
2.) In the iTunes Control, the playlists preview is generated faster and only if the playlist has been changed.
3.) For missing music covers, a standard cover is displayed so that the display on the right side is nicer and less "turbulent".
4.) The switch from iTunes Control to iTunes (level up) is now without delay.

The revised pre-release versions of nessMediaCenter and nessViewer can now be downloaded - we will continue to test and will probably make the final versions available soon.

Keywords: Control, cover, iTunes, library, MediaCenter, media center, music, playlist, remote