What do you neeed for a optimal MediaCenter?


Up to 2 years ago our living room was filled with plenty of devices: the hi-fi system, the TV, the DVD player... and if we intended to present some pictures to friends we had to search in several photo albums.

There's an end with it!

After buying an iMac 24'' with EyeTV (to watch DVB-T and record the video cassettes) and Bose Companion speakers the work started: photo scanning and arrangement in iPhoto, music import into iTunes, movie recording by the video input...

Even if it was much work: the daily fun richly rewards! And the living room got some space back: from over 6 devices to only 1, 3 storage racks full of (ugly) video cassettes are gone - and times are over searching long-winded for photos/music and movies.

Just one downer: how to watch all these media comfortable from the sofa??
Much disappointments testing the available media centers: titles and text not viewable from the sofa, only 5 menu entries per page (but a lot of gimmigs), only one photo/movie presentation (and then back in the media center to select the next one) - no, this is no pleasure!

So here we go: a better media center must be developed!
And the result is excellent: see for yourself!