nessViewer 2.4.2 available


Thanks to Reiner for creating the new media show icons - this was mainly necessary because media shows are now handled like folders in the MediaCenter.
This way media shows can now presented with all entries or only the selected entries.

If someone still do not know the advantages of media shows (aka nessViewer playlists): register at our web page and load our media show examples with a lot of movies, music, comics and other entertainment stuff without searching the internet!

Loading MediaCenter lists sometimes needs a little bit time - especially the Miro video podcasts (e.g. nature videos from "Terra - Nature of our World") and are now animated.

A lot of users are using the MediaCenter with their Laptop - so the keyboard function was reworked: canceling presentations via escape (ESC) now shows the MediaCenter again if the presentation was started by the MediaCenter.
And some minor "inconsistencies" are now corrected.