nessMediaCenter 1.7.5 & nessViewer 3.8.1 for Mac available


Unfortunately, we noticed now only by the hint of an user of nessMediaCenter that Apple has changed the database structure of the Photos library.

As with any Apple update, we of course tested the access to the media of the Photos App in the MediaCenter and found no problems.
Normally you update old database structures in case of changes – and in this case we would also have noticed the problem. But the Photos App 3.0 instead supports 2 different database structures: the structure of old (existing) and new databases.

Fortunately, we quickly found the problem: Apple just renamed 2 fields in the Photos library database.

The latest versions of nessMediaCenter (1.7.5) and nessViewer (3.8.1) can now be downloaded, but the AppStore version must first be reviewed and approved by Apple.

Keywords: media center, nessMediaCenter, nessViewer, Photos App