nessViewer 2.5 available


Unbelievable - but someone comments at that nessViewer offers only "minimal functionality for as much as 40 Euro. Absurd!"

Was it one of our rivaly who let off steam?? Ouch!!

But may be the first trials are too difficult - no wonder if one take a look at the scope of functionality?

But even these kind of comments are taken seriously by us - and we react: a toolbar gives easy access to the most importent functions. May be this helps that some users will recognize that nessViewer is much more than "only" a media center!? And is offering a wide scope of functionality?

But regardless of this: which media center offers such a lot of German contents? ARD/RTL/VOX and ZDF mediathek? Arte, MSN Movies, MyVideo, SpiegelOnline? Live broadcasting/streaming of German television... and... Common, be serious: even if the first trials are not easy - just take a minimum of time and such "absurd" comments are unnecessary.

To take a look to the "horrible GUI": that is a matter of opinion, of cause. If a lot of users would complain we could make it a little more hip.
But on the other side nessViewer is the only (?) media center which prefers rather content than hip design - our cars do not have wider aluminium wheels... :-))

Last but not least to all folks outside of Germany: we would very much like to offer more content of other countries (beside BBC and Hulu) - but we really need beta testers for this! Go for it!!