nessViewer (64 bit) & Photos App support


The 64-bit version of nessViewer 3.7 for Mac is now extended to even more "Photos App" support: whereas previously the media center could already access the "Photos App" media (by the way also the 32-bit version), you can now also import the media of the "Photos App" into a media show with the 64 bit version. But not only the media of the "Photos App" but also media from Aperture, Final Cut (Pro), iMovie, iPhoto and Photo Booth.

The import of the "Photos App" media in a media show is especially important because the "Photos App" exports media without GPS data: if, for example, a picture with GPS data is dragged & dropped from the "Photos App" on the desktop, then the GPS data is missing. This makes obviously no sense - thus the media show does not support drag & drop from the "Photos App" into a media show drawer.

Once you have imported the media of the "Photos App" in a media show, you can drag & drop the media from the drawer on the desktop (or anywhere else) - with GPS data. Although a small detour, but without data loss.

Keywords: 64 bit, Aperture, Final Cut, GPS, iMovie, import, iPhoto, media, Media Show, nessViewer, Photo Booth, Photos, Photos App, pictures, videos