nessViewer (64 bit) 3.9.1 for Mac available


Version 3.9.1 now officially supports some new features that have been added in version 3.9 in recent months.

The HEIC image format e.g. is now officially supported (if the macOS version supports it).

Although the “Photos App” can export the original files or the media in a compatible format (converting HEIC to JPEG), the latter will not preserve the original date.
Although the media of the “Photos App” could already be imported into a media show and then subsequently exported (or the original files dragged & dropped), but the metadata (e.g. recording location) were always exported and the date never.
With the new option “Keep metadata” the metadata (including original date) can now be optionally exported.
And when importing the media, the original media are always imported – this change was necessary due to the HEIC support of the “Photos App”.

Several movies can be selected in the media show and then combined via contextual menu (by right-clicking on one of the movies). The new movie will then be opened in the movie editor for editing.

Rotated movies (such as iPhone recordings in landscape format) are now properly rotated in the media server before streaming.

If the Apple mediafilesegmenter is installed, it will now be checked in the media server if the selected movie can be segmented in a short time before using it – and otherwise VLC or ffmpeg is used. On slow computers or hard disks, the number of maximum segments is corrected and then taken into account if the mediafilesegmenter is segmenting too slowly.

Under macOS 10.15 (Catalina) ffmpeg can not be used at the moment because only notarized “applications” can be started. Therefore ffmpeg is now not used under Catalina until Apple has also found a solution for this.

We will continue to test macOS 10.15 and make adjustments if necessary. But there are again (as with macOS 10.14) various problems with the access rights to the “Photos App” and the control of other applications via AppleScript. We can only hope that this time Apple will not need again almost half a year after the official macOS release to fix these bugs.

Keywords: 64 bit, HEIC, Media Server, Media Show, nessViewer