nessMediaCenter 1.1 for Apple TV available


On Apple TV (tvOS), the default behavior of lists differ between the highlighted and selected entry. So far nessMediaCenter for Apple TV followed this Apple concept.
However, since this concept is not particularly intuitive and you get too often another entry displayed as desired and we also also could not find any other app which is following this concept, we have also adjusted the handling now: instead of selecting an highlighted entry by pressing the touch surface or PLAY button once on the Siri remote control and pressing twice to display the selected entry, an entry can now be displayed with a single press directly.

Media Shows are now supported when using the nessViewer media server: after selecting the media show, it will be downloaded from the server and stored locally and then displayed. Thus one can now easily arrange a media show of supported providers with nessViewer (iOS or Mac) and then watch the linked internet videos on the Apple TV.

Keywords: Apple, AppStore, Entry, List, MediaCenter, Media Show, TV, tvOS