nessMediaCenter 1.3.3 & nessViewer 3.2.3 for Mac available (iPhoto / iTunes)


The "iTunes Control" of the media center was improved to fix a iTunes-AppleScript bug and to make the selection of playlists easier:
1.) The last selected playlist remains selected and the playback will not automatically start after the start of the iTunes control.
2.) After the selection of another playlist, the playback of the first track will only start if the playback was already started. Otherwise a cover preview and the number of tracks will be shown.
3.) Next and previous track does not only work again, but will also switch to the last / first track if no previous / last track exists.

A preview and number of movies will also be shown for iTunes movie playlists.

The iPhoto folder and album display was improved as well: a preview and number of media will now be shown.

Keywords: Control, cover, iPhoto, iTunes, MediaCenter, preview