nessViewer App 2.4 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch available


After the DLNA bug fix for the support of miniDLNA (middle of December) we continued to work on the improvements in this version to extend the access to miniDLNA and to use nessViewer as an iCloud alternative in better way.

In addition to minor improvements in accessing miniDLNA (date and duration of videos in a more readable form, preview of movies), the access of DLNA media servers outside the local network is now also possible via VPN.

Normally this access via VPN is not possible because the DLNA media server is not found even with the VPN connection. Therefore, in addition to the TCP/IP address (and port), the name of the info file can now be specified in the nessViewer App settings – with these two details, direct access is also possible via VPN.

These two details are filled in automatically by nessViewer App – it is sufficient to enter a unique part of the TCP/IP address (e.g. “.20:”) at “DLNA” in the settings and then to access with the MediaCenter the DLNA media server in the local network.

The FTP client of the nessViewer App can of course not only access the nessViewer media server but also a DLNA media server. The only prerequisite for this is the input of the FTP user and password in the settings.

When transferring files, not only the selected file can now be transferred, but also all files in a folder.

In addition, all files in a folder can now be deleted (via the action menu) after “Open File” has been selected.

With these improvements, it is now easier to transfer many photos and movies (possibly even from the “Photos App”) to the media server (or vice versa):
1.) If necessary import photos and movies from the “Photos App” into nessViewer App (via the action menu at “Open File”).
2.) Transfer this media from the nessViewer App to the media server (via FTP client).
3.) If necessary delete these media in the nessViewer App (via the action menu at “Open File”).

There is a PDF document describing nessViewer as an iCloud alternative in German from 2012. Except for the improvements described here (and of course minor visual changes), it is still up to date.

Keywords: alternative, DLNA, FTP, iCloud, iOS, movie, nessViewer, photo, Photos App, VPN