nessMediaCenter 1.6 now available in AppStore


nessMediaCenter 1.6 is now also available in the AppStore:
1.) New icons including Retina icons for Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
2.) Improved handling of (fullscreen) presentations on multiple screens
3.) Improved handling of (secured) folder access
4.) Bug fix at Miro video podcast playback

The folder access permissions determine which folders can be accessed: the picture and movie folder is accessible by default, all other folders - for example symbolic links that are in the picture and movie folders and link to folders outside these folders - must be granted by the folder access permissions.

So far, the folder access permissions have been granted after opening the media center, so they were not available in "movie info". Therefore, they are now being granted right after the start of nessMediaCenter.

In this version, videos of the supported internet providers can be presented which are collected in media shows or Miro video podcasts.

Apple has increased the prices in the Euro zone, so nessMediaCenter would cost 16.99 (mysterious: the AppStore had shown 19.54 Euro; display or calculation error?) instead of 14.99 Euro. We have therefore reduced the Apple price of nessMediaCenter to offer it for 14.99 Euro again - even if this means that we get less. For countries outside the Euro zone (e.g. USA) especially pleasant (for the customers): there nessMediaCenter costs now only 14.99 instead of 16.99 Dollar.

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