nessViewer App 1.6.2 pre-release for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch


Unfortunately we have found some bugs in nessViewer App 1.6.1:
1.) Touching the German television icons at the main view (on iPhone/iPod touch only available by swiping horizontal) show the wrong entries.
2.) "French Television" in the MedienCenter does not show any entries in the English version.
3.) Pictures of the "Photos App" can not be viewed by the MediaCenter -> Photos since iOS 5.

Beside fixing these bugs, we have added some new features:
  • Picture View:
    1.) Rotate pictures left/right by buttons (prior only available by gestures).
    2.) Import of a picture of the "Photos App" (if the picture was opened by a media show, which was created by touching "+" at MediaCenter -> Photos).

  • MediaCenter:
    1.) Preview of local pictures
    2.) If a internet movie can not be presented, then a better message of the reason will be shown.
We are working on further improvements...

If your device is registered, please open the nessViewer App web page and touch one of the links at the bottom right.

Keywords: DailyMotion, Internet, iPad, iPhone, iPod, MediaCenter, YouTube