nessMediaCenter 1.5 & nessViewer 3.5 available


Until now, DLNA media server (like Serviio, Plex Media Server) were only available by the "DLNA Browser" of nessViewer.
Now we integrated the DLNA / UPnP access into the media center, so users of nessMediaCenter (and nessViewer) can access their media by DLNA too.
In the preferences you can (de) activate DLNA in the media center menu settings.
If DLNA is not displayed after activation, then EyeTV users should check if EyeTV is sharing its media library - in this case, the EyeTV sharing must be deactivated because it uses the same port.

In nessViewer the media show offers now a context menu for the selected media entry in the drawer: open media in the document window (for editing), and open the internet media browser or download the media.

In addition, a number of provider offer have been adjusted, including Austrian and Dutch television.

In March, we added some more new features like waking up the system by remote control, improved iTunes control handling and iTunes DRM playback.

Keywords: DLNA, DRM, iTunes, media center, Media Show